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Period films made to raise money, visible online:

Battle for Survival,
United Jewish Appeal, 1946.
Watch the video

Seeds of Destiny,
UNRRA, 1946.
Watch the video

Tomorrow's A Wonderful Day,
Hadassah, 1948.
Watch the video

Renaître à la vie,
HEFUD, 1947-1948 (sur le site de l’INA)
Watch the video

About the children's homes:

Unzere Kinder - Nos enfants,
by Natan Gross and Shaul Goskind, 1948, featuring the famous Yiddish actors Shimon Tzigan and Israel Shumacher.
Watch the video


Après les camps, la vie…
by Virginie Linhart, Cinétévé, 2009.

Les survivants,
by Patrick Rotman, Kuiv Productions, 2005.

Nous étions l’Exodus,
by Patrick Rotman, Kuiv Productions, 2005.


Monitoring the history of Jews in Europe after 1945:

ORT and the DP camps:

David Boder’s audio testimonies:

Lutetia, 1945-the deportees’ return:

On DP’s :

Website dedicated to the liberation of the camps and the deportees’ return

Filmed testimonies:

Ma libération :

Vivre après la Shoah :